High Probability Setups: A complete course in Day Trading and Investing for Profits


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If you’re a beginner trader or an experienced one.

Hi, I am John Kurisko creator of the High Probability Setup Methodology or (HPS). I have been trading now for over 23 years and during that time I have been able to sculpt a methodology that is void of any wasted trades.

I have been a very active trader since the 90’s back then I would average between 50-100 trades a week. My trading was disorganized and sloppy causing me to establish bad habits. This, of course, did not bring me anywhere fulfilling my potential as a trader. Over the years I noticed that trading was not a random thing, but more importantly, I was beginning to see the intricacies of the market and technical analysis. So much that I began classifying and defining precise setups that when the criteria has been met the resulting move in the stock was greater and more intense than any other times in its recent history.

I will teach you this in this course, but you will still need to develop the discipline that comes with years of trading. You will receive the best knowledge tested over decades in the market. A foundation for your trading future.

This is the blueprint and your business plan. Trading needs to be treated as a business. and a business needs a plan. High Probability Setups defines your entry and exit criteria. The info contained here is the only information that has proven itself over 20+ years. It is void of any wasted trade strategy. but instead, supplies you with a very clear and specific framework for each trade. A methodology that consists only of the most reliable and accurate patterns along with a logical risk management procedure.

In doing this I effectively cut the learning curve by years. The information is organized into a focused course that is broken down into individual lessons.
Each lesson is a foundation building block of being a successful trader.  You will find this material a tremendous benefit if you are a new trader and/or a new listener to the show. When I am live on Daytradingradio.com, you will hear and see the terms and techniques that I focus on in my course. There are also advanced modules and other educational material. New lessons are always added.




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Update: 09-22-17 New Lesson The 2 best Trade Setups for your Trading Business Plan

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