Tradeometer Yearly


  • Vocal alerts instantly notify you of a signal.
  • Visual markers, show you where the signals were activated live.
  • Real time alerts can be set up for email and text alerts.
  • The Traderometer increases you statistical edge over other traders, by increasing the probability of profitable trades

Each alert is plotted on the live real time chart and the alert also has an audio and visual indicator to inform you of a possible setup. Each chart also has its individual controls. You can mute or even remove the chart if you do not trade it and want to focus on just one or two fo the future contracts. The live plotting is such a great feature as you can look back at the day and see how the alerts played out. As you get familiar with the program you will notice some days there will be more alerts on one contract versus the others. This is an indicator in itself as you might want to trade the contract that is less volatile

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The TradeOMeter Pack is a collection of proprietary indicators developed specifically for day-traders.

When these proprietary real-time signals are used together they create a powerful timing tool for day-trading the Index Futures Contracts (ES, NQ, and YM). These show you tradeable areas of high-probability reversal in each market!