High Probability Method, Why it is the best trading strategy. Overview

After 20 years of trading and researching the markets one of the greatest lessons I can pass on is compiled here in this course. Like the Johnny Cash song “I’ve been everywhere” I Been exposed to hundreds of strategies and tested them in a continuing hunt for the perfect trade. Now the term perfect trade is kinda of vague and misleading. In my history, some of my best trades were gambles on earning or being in a stock the at the right time for a news or buyout. This, as you will hopefully see, was not great trading but as I just stated earlier being in the right stock at the right time.

I always want to come across in a simple and clear way explaining why things happen in the markets and for me to do that I found that logic and statistics though not perfect will bring on what I call the Highest probability Setups in the markets that can be traded for a profit with the smallest amount of risk involved. This course breaks down each of those setups individually and even more break down what is needed for each set up to activate and be a valid HPS.  I have found the approach that can generate large and consistent monthly returns.

HPS are composed of a combination of indicators that on their own are great to trade off but in combination increase the odds of success exponentially

This strategy works across all time frames and trading vehicles, Stocks, Futures, and Forex

Each Strategy as and Entry Criteria and Profit Exit Strategy along with a low-risk stop.