Private tutoring sessions are dedicated to traders at any level. The sessions not only pull together the information that I teach daily but go beyond what you may have previously learned because in a private session the material becomes individualized and more usable. The information that is provided and taught has been developed over a 23-year trading career. It goes beyond any other sources currently commonly available for traders.

You don’t know this now but focused mentoring, in my opinion, will cut 5 years off the learning curve.

Reserve an Online or In-Person Session, please fill out the form on the bottom to start correspondence with me to schedule your personalized training sessions.

In the “Notes” section please go over your trading history and what you want to increase your knowledge in or in many cases, You might be a beginner and don’t know the first thing about trading. So be sure you describe your background, goals, and objectives so that I can build the training around you. I will also be available for follow-up as needed.

All private tutoring (Online or In-Person) sessions last as many days (sessions) as your wants and your needs dictate. You are taught by me or one of our expert traders your choice. You will see them listed in the form below. Sessions can be either Online or In-Person.

Session rates:

1 Session (90 Minutes) $200.00

I reserve only a certain number of days each month for personal teaching time, and the openings for private teaching are quickly booked. You need to plan well in advance. However, in cases of emergency, exceptions can usually be made.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at